The major part of products of the company PE ” VK Technopol” are certified in accordance with the norms of the European Union.

Company PE ” VK Technopol” has certified the major part of products for compliance with the norms of the European Union!

Today, let’s talk about another achievement of Company PE ” VK Technopol”.

We have successfully certified the major part of our own agricultural machinery for compliance with the EU standards, which makes it possible to do the direct export of  our machinery to European countries.

From now on, the machinery of the plant of the company PE “VK Tehnopol” will be labeled as “CE”. This special mark is affixed to the product and certifies that the product complies with the essential requirements of the EU directives and the harmonized standards of the European Union, as well as the fact that the product has passed the conformity assessment procedure of the directives. The CE marking indicates that the product is not harmful to the health of its consumers and is harmless to the environment.

According to the decision of the European Parliament, there are recommendations for the countries of the European Union to control the EU internal market for the circulation of products subject to the mandatory marking of the CE mark. Administrative and criminal penalties have been introduced in the European Community for violations of the rules concerning the application of the CE marking. Products that do not comply with the European Union directives and harmonized standards obliging to affix the CE mark (CE Mark) are not allowed on the EU internal market. The CE mark is the only sign in the countries of the European Union, which confirms the conformity of production with the European standards of safety for man, property and the environment.

Earlier, PE “VK Technopol” company was not able to do the direct export of its own machinery. We could export our machines  as disassembled kits, which means a machinery in a partially collected form.  Now our capabilities as an exporter of quality domestic agricultural machinery have considerably expanded, and we are convinced that the European Union countries will appreciate our machinery, because we can offer truly decent products to Europe.

Life is not in place and we are constantly moving forward! Step by step, reaching all the new peaks!

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Machinery made by PE ” VK Technopol” means  reliability, warranty, service!