Universal cultivators of the AK series have a large width of soil treatment; these cultivators are intended for resource-saving cultivation of the soil before sowing and after tillage, cropping and combing of weeds, as well as leveling and compacting the soil surface for sowing.

Cultivator of the AK series are used on all types of soil due to their versatility in the form of a lot adjustments of the cultivator and its attachments. The advantages of the AK series are the bypass cylinders and hydraulic regulation of the depth of processing; these features provide the adjustment with maximum accuracy without additional efforts.

Cultivators of the AK series are equipped with the cutting blade which provides an optimal cultivation of soils due to the best angle of attack (55°). This angle gives the best stability for the front and back parts of the unit.

The attachments, which have no analogues, constructively allow to perform the adjustment of the heights of rollers and comb independently of each other with a change in the angle of attack of the comb.

Additionally cultivators of the AK series can be used for incorporation of liquid fertilizers and herbicides into the soil.