BRN – 6 is intended for a total and interrow processing of any crops of cereals, soybeans, tilled crops, vegetables, etc at all types of soil. The use of this machinery provides mechanical control of the weeds in the phase of the thread, loosening of the soil crust and incorporation of fertilizers or herbicides into the soil.

The swinging tandem on the two bearing increases the working life of this unit and ensures the copying of the soil relief and equable depth of processing.

The higher the speed, the more loosened the soil. There are two modes of operation of the unit:

1. Mild: while working on vegetating plants the asterisks are bent in the direction of movement and provide an almost vertical penetration of the needle-tooth in the soil, which does not damage the plant.

2. Aggressive: if the disk is directed by bending of the needle against the course of movement, then the effect on the soil increases. This kind of work is suitable for processing stubble or other types of work on continuous and intensive tillage. The depth of processing is determined by the bypass cylinders and the hydraulic lock and allows precise adjustment.

Aeration by piercing the soil with a needle at a high speed is similar to a microexplosion. This effect of the microexplosive on the soil (besides loosening) promotes a sharp deleting of carbon dioxide accumulated there from the upper soil layer and its replacement with oxygen and nitrogen from the air, which significantly activates (accelerates) the soil biological processes and the accumulation (synthesis) of nitrogen and thereby leads to a sharp and the full development of cultivated plants (according to scientists, one pass of the needle harrow is commensurate with the introduction of 100 kg/ha of saltpeter into the soil).

A special feature of the unit is the compactness and the original hinges of unfolding the wings.