HINGED HYDRAULIC HARROW BGN-8 2019-04-19T06:25:38+00:00


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Hinged hydraulic harrow BGN-8 is intended for loosening the upper soil layer, leveling the field surface, destroying the soil crust, crumbling lumps, destroying and deleting weakly weeded weeds on cereals and technical plant, incorporating seeds and fertilizers into the soil.

The harrow provides the work with soil moisture from 13 to 27%. On the field, stubble resides (scattered crushed straw of cereals and high-growth crops) are allowed.

Transport modehinged
Productivity - hectares/hour12
Working speed - km up to9
Transport speed - km/hour20
Working width - m7,8
Depth of treatment - cm up to8
Number of harrow teeth sections8
Overall dimensions, mm
— in working position1780х7800х1125
— in transport position1780х2850х3550
Unit weight, kg1150
Tractor power - HP (not less than)80
Product range: